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Cooking During & After Cancer Treatment

By: Karen Ambrosio, Oncology Wellness Specialist -- As you can imagine, cooking with cancer-related changes in taste or smell can present some major challenges to patients and their caregivers. Here is some of the dietetic advice I give to my own patients during their wellness consults and follow-up appointments.

9 Things Every Cancer Patient Should Know about Clinical Trials

By: Paul Ossi, M.D. -- All cancer patients want the most effective treatment possible, but only about 5 percent of U.S. cancer patients participate in clinical trials.  The truth is clinical trial participants have access to advanced therapy not yet available to most patients. There are other benefits, too. Here are nine important facts every cancer patient should know about clinical trials.

Insider Info: Our Doctors Reveal the Health & Wellness Tips They Swear By

We asked the oncologists at Ackerman Cancer Center to share some tips they rely on to keep their own bodies running smoothly.

Hookah Smoke Poses Serious Health Threat

By: Scot Ackerman, M.D. -- Hookah is a hot trend in Jacksonville and other areas along the East Coast, but unfortunately, the recreational activity may lead to higher cancer rates in coming years.

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