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Artie’s Experience, #7: While there may not be a free lunch, there is a free dinner.

Artie discovered that the Ackerman Cancer Center provides a weekly dinner for patients and their families. His blog update explains how this provides more nourishment than just the food. (Please click on the photo above to access the article.)

Complementary and Alternative Medicines may Delay Standard Cancer Treatment

By: Ryan Perkins, M.D. -- Women who seek complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) treatments for breast cancer often delay or avoid doctor-recommended cancer treatment, according to a multisite study published in the May 12 issue of JAMA Oncology.

Health Benefits and Sources of Niacin

By: Karen Ambrosio, Oncology Wellness Specialist -- Niacin is a B vitamin that is involved in more than 200 reactions in the body. Learn how Niacin can benefit your health here.

PET/CT Scans Less Risky than Surgery for Assessing Post-Treatment Head & Neck Cancer

By: Laurie Guite, Diagnostic Imaging Technician -- Using PET/CT scans to assess response to head and neck cancer treatment could help patients avoid neck dissection surgery, according to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in April 2016.

A Primer on Pediatric & Adolescent Brain Tumors

By: Ryan Perkins, M.D. -- In many cases—whether in conjunction with surgery or on its own, in cases where the tumor is unresectable—radiation therapy is a good treatment option for pediatric brain tumors. Learn more.

Artie’s Experience, #6: Discovering an Atmosphere of Sharing and Support

During Artie’s first week of proton therapy treatment, he and his wife Margy discover a supportive atmosphere of caring and sharing at the daily treatment waiting area, the weekly Wednesday Night Dinners and the monthly Men Helping Men workshops.

Give the People What They Want: The Influence of Consumer Choice on Food Production

By: Karen Ambrosio, Oncology Wellness Specialist -- Recent increased media attention on food and nutrition topics is making consumers become more demanding of healthier food choices. In turn, they are influencing what international food companies are producing and what grocery stores are stocking.

Artie’s Experience, #5: Precision

In this article, Artie explains how the internal and external body markers he introduced in his second post are put into play for precise treatment, each and every time he has a proton therapy appointment.

Maintaining Hope throughout Cancer Survivorship

By: Eden Mock, MSW, Oncology Social Worker -- When faced with a new cancer diagnosis, patients may experience a roller coaster of emotions ranging from fear, guilt, anger, loss, and sadness. To tackle these difficult emotions, cancer survivors can focus on maintaining hope throughout their cancer journey. The following article describes seven ways you can focus on hope while managing treatment-related concerns and life as a cancer survivor.

Artie’s Experience, #4: A Few Resources Regarding Proton Therapy for Prostate Cancer

Like many cancer patients, Artie researched his diagnosis and treatment options before making a decision. Here, he shares several resources he found particularly helpful in researching his case.

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