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Tackle Sleepiness and Fatigue with Healthy Alternatives to Caffeine

The human body is made to have periods of work and periods of rest. A healthy diet and adequate time for rest and exercise might be enough in order to prevent excessive tiredness. However, if you feel consistently weak during the day, try to think about what may be causing your fatigue. Here are some causes of lack of energy that you might want to rule out before deciding to drink caffeinated beverages. (Click photo to access article.)

Pneumonia and Cancer: What You Need to Know

Pneumonia has always been a condition that our doctors look out for. Cancer patients and post-treatment survivors have an increased risk of contracting the infection, but there are steps patients can take to help prevent pneumonia and improve lung health. (Click photo to access article.)

Artie’s Experience, #20: Amelia Island Open House

Last week, Artie and his wife Margy attended a Community Open House at Ackerman Cancer Center’s Amelia Island facility. Although Artie had been there before for a few appointments, his blog now highlights the full services offered at this location. (Please click photo to open article)

How to Read an Ingredients List for Nutritional Information

By: Karen Ambrosio, Oncology Wellness Specialist -- In a previous bulletin, I explained the FDA’s revised nutrition labels, which debuted this summer. Since then, my patients have asked for more details on how to read nutritional labels, so that they can learn which products to avoid for certain dietary restrictions (e.g. gluten-free, low-fat). To become a savvy, health-motivated consumer, you should first read the nutrition label, and then you should read the ingredients list. This bulletin will teach you how to analyze the ingredients list to make informed nutritional decisions. (Click photo to access article.)

Artie’s Experience, #19: Quality of Life during Proton Therapy Treatment

Though proton therapy reduces treatment side effects through its targeted radiation, Artie had initial concerns about whether any side effects would impact his active lifestyle. He was fortunate to have none. In this article, Artie discusses what he feels made a difference for him. (Please click photo to open article)

“What is the Best Colon Cancer Screening for Me?”

By: William Peters, M.D., Ph.D. -- The U.S. Preventative Services Task Force (USPSTF) recently updated its colon cancer screening recommendations. In a real change, the new recommendations suggest that there are multiple screening strategies to choose from. (Click photo to access article.)

How to Prevent and Treat Pressure Sores during Extended Recovery

By: Karen Ambrosio, Oncology Wellness Specialist -- Remaining in bed for any prolonged illness, like recovery from cancer treatment, may increase one’s risk of developing pressure sores. Learn more about pressure sores, including steps to prevent them. (Click photo to access article)

Survivor Spotlight: Tom Flynn Found Unexpected Community while Undergoing Proton Therapy

Former Notre Dame National Champion Tom Flynn was determined to treat his prostate cancer with proton therapy, but Jacksonville was nearly four hours away from his home in South Florida. Luckily, through one of Ackerman Cancer Center's social workers and the Notre Dame Club of Greater Jacksonville, Mr. Flynn was able to find a home and a community as he underwent cancer treatment. (Click photo to access article.)

Artie’s experience, #18: Appearing in Amelia Islander magazine.

Amelia Islander Magazine—sent to 15,000 homes and businesses in North Florida each month—featured an article about Artie’s blogs on page 44 of the September 2016 issue. This week’s blog post takes you behind the scenes of this uplifting article entitled, “Sharing Hope.” (Please click photo to open article)

Myth or reality? Carbonated beverages can cause osteoporosis.

By: Karen Ambrosio, Oncology Wellness Specialist -- Recently, an increased consumption of carbonated water by the general population has raised concerns about its possible relation to osteoporosis risk. (Click photo to access article)

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