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External Beam Radiation Therapy in Combination with Brachytherapy vs. Brachytherapy Alone for Treating Prostate Cancer

When going through prostate cancer treatment, being able to maintain a high quality of life is important to patients. In this recent study, Brachytherapy and External Beam Radiation Therapy plus Brachytherapy were compared to determine which option resulted in better patient outcomes and a higher quality of life.

Sparing Healthy Tissue in Brain Radiation Treatment

Protecting healthy tissue and preserving mental function is critically important for patients with brain tumors. Our Chief Medical Physicist, Robert Tokarz, breaks down the latest radiation therapy options available to patients.

The Truth about Artificial Sweeteners

Although artificial sweeteners are often used in the food industry, their effects on our health remain a controversy. Over consumption of sucrose has been found to cause weight gain, development of diabetes, and have adverse effects on glucose tolerance in healthy volunteers by reducing their insulin sensitivity. Read this bulletin to learn the truth about artificial sweeteners and the benefits of moderating our diet and find natural sources of sugar.

The Link Between a Vegetarian Diet and Athlete Endurance

Nutrition plays a key role in assisting distance athletes of all levels to achieve their training and competition goals. For decades, the general population believed that an endurance athlete needs to follow an omnivore diet in order to supply all their nutrients requirements. However, a study published in “Nutrients” found that both vegetarian and omnivores diets can support athletic performance.

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