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Using Focused Ultrasound for Cancer Treatment

Researchers have found that focused ultrasound can be used for treatment of a variety of cancers, as it has the potential to adjust for breathing movement in patients. Scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Medical Image Computing MEVIS in Bremen, Germany are working on the TRANS-FUSIMO EU, a focused ultrasound therapy concept that can accurately track liver movement to deliver cancer-fighting ultrawaves.

Social Support Tied to Better Outcomes for Breast Cancer Patients

Healthcare professionals who work with cancer patients have long recognized the benefits of social support. It is not uncommon to see patients who have strong relationships with spouses, family, friends, community or religious groups experience better treatment outcomes than those with limited social interactions. A recent study showcased this for breast cancer patients.

Cancer Death Rates Drop Significantly

After peaking in 1991, cancer death rates have consistently declined. According to a report published January 5 in the American Cancer Society’s journal CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians, there was a 25% drop in cancer deaths for men and women between 1991 and 2014. The numbers are encouraging, and reflect the progress made in the areas of awareness, early detection and cancer treatment.

Building an Exercise Routine after Cancer Treatment

Cancer patients often experience fatigue during and after treatment. Such fatigue is not only physically limiting; it can also affect the psychological, emotional, and economic wellbeing of an individual. If you experience fatigue following cancer treatment, it may be difficult to find the motivation to exercise - but many experts believe regular physical activity might be the best medicine for combating post-treatment fatigue.

BEAM Team Mentors Offer Support to Current Cancer Patients

Navigating the unfamiliar territory of cancer diagnosis and treatment isn't easy. If you have recently been diagnosed, you will surely be filled with questions and concerns about how cancer will impact your life and the lives of your loved ones. Support programs like Ackerman Cancer Center's BEAM Team connect you with cancer survivors who understand the difficulties you are facing.

Resolve to have a Healthy New Year

When life gets busy, it is easy to put your own wellbeing on hold. But making time for recommended health screenings can pay big dividends. Diagnosing serious diseases – like cancer – early, before the onset of symptoms, improves the chance for successful treatment. Follow these steps to ensure that you are up-to-date with all the cancer screening tests you need.

Coping with Cancer During the Holidays

As Andy Williams once sang, the holidays can be the “most wonderful time of the year.” But because of travel plans, coordinating family schedules, and making sure everyone gets along at the dinner table, the holidays can also be very difficult. If you’re a cancer patient or cancer survivor, the holiday season may be even more challenging. In an effort to help our patients and post-treatment survivors enjoy the holidays to their fullest, Ackerman Cancer Center has compiled the following list of tips for your consideration.

Health Insurance: The Ins and Outs of Open Enrollment

It’s that time again! The federal healthcare exchange started its annual open enrollment period for 2017 healthcare plans on November 1, 2016. Many of our readers may already be covered by job-based plans—their own, a spouse’s, or a parent’s—or through a national program like Medicare. Regardless of how you pay for check-ups, prescriptions, and treatment, it can be helpful to understand insurance-related processes, procedures, and terminology. The staff at Ackerman Cancer Center hopes this article will help empower you to make informed decisions about your healthcare in 2017 and beyond.

Protecting Yourself During Flu Season

Protecting ourselves from the flu is a simple, preventative measure that can be lifesaving to ourselves and those around us.

Cancer Mutations May Provide New Treatment Options and New Hope

By: William Peters, M.D., Ph.D. -- "Because of the personalized nature of immunotherapy for cancer treatment, it is increasingly valuable to obtain the genetic profile of each patient’s cancer case. As a result of genetic profiling, oncologists like me are learning that the makeup of tumor cells can evolve over time. This has important implications for the clinical treatment of cancer with targeted medicine." (Please click photo to access article.)

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