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Protecting Skin from Cancer-Causing Ultraviolet Rays Year Round

Although we get a break from heat and humidity over the winter months, the sun's UV rays are still strong. A new study, revealing that sun exposure may activate genetic mutations that cause dangerous melanoma to grow, reminds us that we should be protecting our skin year round.

Chemoradiation Boosts Survival in Lung Cancer Patients

New studies show that the use of chemoradiation to treat non-small cell lung cancer boosts survival rates, compared to patients who received chemotherapy alone.

New Research Demonstrates PSA Screening Does Reduce Deaths

In the past, the U.S. Preventive Task Force has recommended against routine PSA screenings for prostate cancer. Last week, a new analysis of multiple randomized trials concluded that PSA screening does improve prostate cancer survival rates.

Newly Approved Gene Therapy for Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia

A newly approved cancer-fighting gene therapy offers hope to children and young adults suffering froma cute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL).

Benefits of Proton Therapy for Glioblastomas and other Types of Brain Cancer

Recently, there were reports in the news media that longtime Arizona Senator, John McCain, had been diagnosed with a brain tumor. There are many types of brain tumors ranging from benign to malignant (cancerous), each with their own prognosis and treatment recommendations. Thanks to advances in cancer treatment therapies, we are now better able to treat all types of brain tumors.

Study Shows Less Chemotherapy may be Needed for Some Colon Cancer Patients

In the past, studies have shown that adjuvant chemotherapy may significantly improve survival for patients with colon cancer. Unfortunately, this often leads to many significant side effects for the patient. A recent study showed that for patients with a lower risk of recurrence, a shorter period of chemotherapy can offer one third of the side effects, with the same anti-cancer advantages.

The Benefits of Proton Therapy for Breast Cancer

Proton therapy's precision allows it to destroy tumor cells while also minimizing side effects and allowing patients to maintain their quality of life. This is especially important in the treatment of breast cancers, as there are so many critical structures nearby including the heart, chest wall and lungs.

Closely Monitoring Symptoms Shown to Improve Health Outcomes for Cancer Patients

An online reporting tool for cancer treatment side effects not only improved quality of life for participants, but also extended survival, according to a study conducted by researchers at Memorial Sloan Kettering.

Prostate Cancer Screening Recommendation Changes

Dr. Perkins has previously discussed the US Preventive Task Force's decision to recommend against the PSA screening test for prostate cancer, and its correlation to an increase in late-stage diagnosis of prostate cancer. The task force recently changed their recommendation on the PSA test for prostate cancer screenings, saying that men should have an informed discussion with their physician.

Cancer Fatigue During and After Treatment

It is not unusual for patients undergoing cancer treatment to experience fatigue. Cancer fatigue is a persistent mental, physical and emotional fatigue that can seriously impact a patient’s quality of life. Unlike the fatigue of daily life, cancer fatigue doesn’t go away with rest and it doesn’t typically resolve quickly. So what can you do to reduce cancer-related fatigue? Read the full article to learn.

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