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ACC’s Financial Resource Coordinator Helps to Ease the Financial Burden of Cancer

Most of us are not prepared for the physical, emotional or financial toll a cancer diagnosis brings. From those who carry high-end health insurance to under- or uninsured patients, it is common to have questions about what to expect in the way of coverage and personal expense.

No one understands the financial burden of cancer better than Charlotte Sadler, Ackerman Cancer Center’s Financial Resource Coordinator. Committed to helping any way she can, Charlotte’s role is to walk patients through the benefits offered by their specific insurance plans, determine the individual financial responsibility associated with the plan and, when necessary, assist ACC patients in locating additional financial resources. 

While sometimes challenging, Charlotte finds the role infinitely rewarding. “The most meaningful part of my job is meeting the patients and being resourceful when it comes to addressing their financial concerns. Our mission at Ackerman Cancer Center is to provide patients with the most advanced radiation oncology treatment available in a respectful, compassionate environment. My own personal mission is to speak with patients in the same manner, be respectful, and let them know there is no problem, circumstance, or situation we can’t work with.” 

"A few years back, I met with a patient who was overwhelmed by both the diagnosis and the associated financial responsibility. The patient was extremely stressed over what insurance would cover, and financially it was not what they had planned for or expected. I was able to offer financial assistance, relieve the patient's emotional stress, and guide them through a successful treatment. After completing treatment, whether the patient is in the office for a follow-up or even just in the Mandarin area, they always stop by to say hello and say thank you." 

Although Charlotte was originally hired as an insurance benefits specialist, it soon become clear the Center needed someone to answer questions existing patients had about their medical coverage and address the financial struggles of those currently undergoing treatment. “It was a perfect fit for me, as I have several years of experience in the financial industry as a bank teller, customer service representative, loan officer, credit analyst, collections specialist and as a branch manager of a local bank.”

As much as Charlotte enjoys her work, she also treasures her free time and leads an active life outside of her career. After hours, you might find her at a local sporting event or the mall. “In my spare time I enjoy most all sports, especially college football (Go Gators!) and the NFL (Go Jags!).

I also love shopping, in particular – shoes! When I can, I travel south to visit my grandchildren. Our newest addition is just turning two.”

After 9 years on the job, Charlotte says she continues to feel empowered by Ackerman Cancer Center’s dedicated staff and the patients who deal with cancer on a daily basis. She strives to always be that voice with a smile at the other end of the phone line. She believes her passion for what she does comes from her mother. “My mother was a breast cancer patient. Unfortunately, the cancer spread and her battle ended after 8 years. She was very strong, extremely positive and always had a smile to share. She was really a cheerleader for the other patients. Her legacy has continued in my heart – to be encouraging and uplifting, stay positive, be a kind and loving person, and to be that cheerleader to others. Little did I know then that I would someday be working in an environment such as Ackerman Cancer Center and giving back in some small way.”

If you have recently been diagnosed with cancer and are concerned about the financial burden, please contact us at (904) 880-5522 or via this confidential online form. 

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