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By Scot Ackerman, M.D.


Reflections on “Proton therapy has fewer side effects in esophageal cancer patients”

In a recent study, Dr. Michael Chuong, along with colleagues from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota and the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Dallas, Texas, discovered that patients with esophageal cancer would experience fewer side effects if treated with Proton Therapy in place of other radiation therapy practices.

In this study, Dr. Chuong and his colleagues compared two kinds of X-ray radiation with proton therapy treatment. They conducted this study on 600 patients and observed that patients treated with proton therapy experienced far fewer side effects than those treated with X-ray radiation, especially when it came to nausea, blood abnormalities, and loss of appetite. Dr. Chuong believes that this study highlights proton therapy and its ability to improve the quality of life for his patients.

Ackerman Cancer Center has a similar belief. During the consultation process, we evaluate and develop a personalized plan for each patient. Ackerman Cancer Center is proud to be the first and only private, physician owned practice that offers proton therapy.

To read an abstract from this article, click here.

For more information about proton therapy at Ackerman Cancer Center, visit our Proton Therapy page

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