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Prostate Cancer

After a prostate cancer diagnosis, you will have questions and want answers quickly.

At Ackerman Cancer Center, we provide a wide range of effective treatment options for prostate cancer, including proton therapy, and offer same-day appointments whenever possible. To set up a consultation, call us at 904-880-5522.

Our team of board certified radiation oncologists will always take the time to help you determine the best treatment plan for you and answer any questions you may have about the impact on your health and lifestyle. We are committed to providing you with information about all treatment options, so that you can make the best choice for you.

Our Men Helping Men support group for prostate cancer patients meets monthly. Find out when the next meeting is here.


Once it has been determined which treatment method will produce the best results for your type of prostate cancer, you will have access to some of the most advanced prostate cancer-fighting technology currently available. This includes the SpaceOAR hydrogel system for perirectal spacing. 

The Center’s state-of-the-art prostate treatment options include:

What to Expect

Being diagnosed with cancer raises many questions. Learn what to expect during cancer treatment here.

For more information about the Ackerman Cancer Center and its available treatment options, please call 904-880-5522. 

Meet Dennis, Prostate Cancer Survivor

At the heart of every single treatment delivered at Ackerman Cancer Center, is a patient whose life has been impacted by cancer. Meet Dennis. His story brings hope and encouragement to others battling this difficult disease. Listen as he shares his experience.

Meet R.B., Prostate Cancer Survivor

Listen as R.B., Prostate Cancer survivor, discusses his experiences, from cancer diagnosis to Proton Therapy treatment at Ackerman Cancer Center to survivorship, with Arthur Crofton of WEJZ.

Meet Velious, Prostate Cancer Survivor

Velious, Prostate Cancer SurvivorIn fall 2014, my PSA level jumped to 14. I had a da Vinci prostatectomy, but my numbers began to climb again, so I was treated for Prostate Cancer with Proton Therapy at Ackerman Cancer Center. When I completed proton treatment, my PSA score was undetectable, below 1.0. The quality of treatment I received at Ackerman Cancer Center helped. It’s like a family here. It reflects in the way everybody treats the patients. Dr. Ackerman is always available. Any time you ask, he stops what he’s doing, and he’ll talk to you.

Meet Ken, Prostate Cancer Survivor

Ken, Prostate Cancer SurvivorExcellent doctors. Excellent equipment. Excellent staff. 

Meet James, Prostate Cancer Survivor

Ken, Prostate Cancer SurvivorI finished Proton Radiation Therapy treatments in July 2015. The treatments couldn't have gone better. The entire staff at Ackerman Cancer Center was very professional and very caring. I interacted with many people at the Center. From the office workers, to the nurses, social workers, dietitians, technicians, and doctors - I was always treated with positive attitudes and the feeling that everyone was working just for me. I am very grateful to the Ackerman Cancer Center for my treatment and excellent care. I do not believe that I could have received any better treatment and care anywhere in the world. 

Meet Angelo, Prostate Cancer Survivor

I can honestly say that I have never been shown [this level of] compassion and care of any medical facility I have ever been to. The entire staff displayed a true feeling of caring for their patients. They made me feel like family!

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